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QSE Kiva Dryer Chair and Sol-Air Ionic Hair Dryer | Viya Beauty Trading FZCO DM1

KIVA Dryer Chair with molded urethane arms, upholstered frame ... includes Comfort Aire Dryer. Choose one of four hard-working colors: Wallaby Black, ...

spa and Salon accessories, 

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TonyMoly Tomatox Massage Pack | Gulf Pheonix International FZCO DM1

2-step massage cream and pack for instant brightening effect   ...

personal care , women , makeup and cosmetics , Herbals and Ayurvedic , spa and Salon accessories, 

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Magic Messager | SKY LAND GROUP DM1

Description: A very sought after massaging tool chosen by professionals for its quality and motor strength. The ideal hand held massager for relaxing...

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China Blue Salon and Day Spa | Luxury Ladies Salon DM1

Our salons/spas tend to offer a wider range of services than their counterparts in the USA and Europe. These menus indicate a culturally specific conc...

spa and Salon accessories, 

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